Wedding Menu Trends and Ideas

Wedding Menu Trends

The latest and greatest in wedding menu trends and ideas lend themselves to all cultures and food palettes while giving more options to wedding couple.  Designing your dream wedding certainly does not end at food selection, and today’s modern bride is begging to embrace how food plays a role in her wedding day.  Move over buffets of chicken and beef, step aside duo plates of fish and chicken, we’re looking for new wedding food ideas that embody our wedding style through look, feel, taste and smell!!

We utilize relationships with local farmers and other food purveyors giving our clients local, seasonal and often sustainable products.  Cooking techniques and methods are dramatically changing; giving clients an opportunity to have truly amazing foods at events.

Farm to Table

Fresh is always best, or so they say.  In 2013 bride’s want exactly that – FRESH.  The Farm to Table wedding menu trends began on the coasts (especially out West) a few years ago and is making a strong impact on today’s Mid-West bride.  Utilizing the relationships with local farmers, allows culinary teams to source local, seasonal and sustainable products for your wedding menu.  Nothing beats the taste of fresh fully ripened tomatoes for your bruschetta or hearty seasonal Michigan apples for your fresh fruit bar.  BONUS:: If you’re looking to be environmentally conscious, but not sure where to start, your menu should be it.

Family Style

Buffets get a bad rap and plated meals have their own issues.  As such, there is a rise in the choice of Family Style wedding menus.  Blending guest self portioning and table-side service, guest enjoy each wedding menu item served on large platters or dishes to each individual table.  Passing the plate and encouraging conversation, guests have the opportunity to break the ice while breaking bread.  Family style buffets are generally less expensive than sit down dinners but allow your guests the luxury of table side service.

wedding menu trend ideas family style 2013

Cupcakes and Dessert?

Homemade Desserts

Got some great bakers in the house or are you a hostess with the mostess?  Grab your bridesmaids and get baking in the kitchen with homemade desserts and pies. Cupcakes have had their hay day, and while their not disappearing entirely, they are becoming less popular as the mainstay wedding dessert.


Pies, cobblers and classic crumbles are creeping in on the elegant wedding cakes and dainty cupcakes and are increasingly popular with the DIY bride!


Dessert pops

The death of the towering 5-tier fondant covered cake is far from near (contrary to some people’s belief).  However, chefs are making caramel pecan pie pops, chocolate strawberry waffles on a stick, and mini cheesecake pops to tempt the faint of heart!

For thenon-traditional bride, get ready for modern treats unafraid of experimental flavors.  Pair avocado sorbet to accompany key lime pie or even smoked caramel ice cream with pecan pie for a unique flavor explosion.   Adding unique touches to classic desserts takes a little imagination and makes a BIG impact on your wedding menu.

My FAVORITES: Grown up versions of childhood treats!

  1. Bourbon and Maple Popsicles
  2. Raspberry Champagne Freeze Ices
  3. Frozen Peanut Butter Pie Pops 

    Wedding Menu Trends Ideas 2013 DEssert Pops

Savory cupcakes

While the focus of cupcakes may no longer be dessert, they are not going away quietly.  Caterers love the perfect portion sizes that cupcakes offer and are creating unique wedding menu appetizers and entrees.  These savory phyllo dough-filled “cupcakes” offer the sweet and savory in one plate.  Think booze laden cupcakes for the adults or tacos for a extraordinary bite of flavors. Yum!

wedding menu trend ideas  savory cupcakes

taco cupcake savory 2013 wedding menu trends

When it comes to wedding functions, casual elegance wins each time.  Dress up any casual occasion by offering a champagne lemonade cocktail to accompany your wedding menu. Latest Wedding Menu Trend: Opt for something less extravagant and go for a more personal touch.

Food Stations

Setting up a great environment for your guests to enjoy the whole night is further complimented by fun activities.  Paired with family style, or as a separate style of its own, the 2013 wedding menu food station trend is HOT.  Turn simple foods into something creative with exquisitely executed food stations , snack stations (make your own ice cream sundae, s’mores bars, mini doughnuts and milk) and late night snacks and goodies.

sweet food stations wedding menu trend 2013 idea

labonne cuisne wedding menu trends ideas food stations 2013

wedding menu trends ideas 2013 food stations

 Late Night Snacks

Before sending your guests home after a long night of dancing and drinking, a welcomed wee-hours bite is always appreciated.  With the increasing popularity of after-hours parties, fun late night snack food stations are a MUST in the wedding menu trends book!

Shot and martini glass “amuse-bouches”

Remember presentation is everything – that’s the reason we’ve been working so hard on your wedding to begin with RIGHT!  So carry that over into your food, whether it is food or liquid, serving it in a martini or shot glass sophisticates any food display.  Caterers love the creativity and flexibility this wedding menu trend grant and guests love the amuse-bouche style of dining for the quick bite before back to the dance floor.

Gourmet street food

Put a new twist on your love for global cuisine by serving it up street style.  Skip the food station and bring in a ringer!  Food trucks are HOT HOT HOT, ouch I burned myself, for the 2013 wedding menu.  Be it late night snack or after-party treats, the fresh air mixed with yummy food will leave every guest smiling!

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