Olympic Sparkle – Bridal Jewelry

I have searched high and low and all around the internet to find a good picture of the stunning necklace Sarah McLachlan worn during the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics with no success. The necklace was highly talked about all over the internet in blogs and in people’s play by play on the ceremonies. One girl even said the necklace was more striking than Sarah herself. Goes to show that the right accessories can certainly steal the show!

I managed to create an image of the necklace from video; so of course, it does the necklace no justice at all. To catch a better glimpse of the necklace in action, check out the video from ABC. Navigate to 15 minutes (runs until about 19) into the video clip and watch the sparkly magic from there.

While we never want to have our accessories drawing attention away from the beautiful bride on her day, this is the day every little girl has dreamed of wearing the most elaborate jewels, crowns, necklaces, and earrings. We all played bridal dress up—right? Be they dramatic or over the top, accessories are a MUST for the wedding day, and while I like the traditional, I am all about the audacious, hence I want Sarah’s necklace for my personal collection!

So time for a little bridal bling, or should I say a lot of wedding sparkle!

For you earring gals:


Tiger Lily Jewelry

Need some draping around the neck and wrist? Maybe a hair piece or two?

Tiger Lily Jewelry


And for you outrageous, unique, one of a kind brides looking for truly extreme hair pieces, check out these stunners from celebrity designer Alberto Rodriguez. You have to be a bold and beautiful bride to carry these with conviction!

And a little ethnic flair . . .


  • Deb Moore

    I totally love these head pieces — so dramatic. Do you think they would be heavy — but they are definitely so beautiful. No problem telling who the bride would be at that wedding…

  • http://. Belladante

    Gorgeous stuff. Looking forward to finding the perfect piece with your suggestions….