Cake Couture | Unbelievable Designer Cakes!

I don’t know what to say. I am actually speechless and at a loss for words after see this amazing feat of work from Chef Omar Addihaoui. I will admit to being a Food Network and WeTV addict. I love watching Ace of Cakes, Last Cake Standing, Amazing Wedding Cakes and Extreme Cake Challenge, but what I once found amazing from these pastry artist falls flat in comparison to Addihaoui’s masterpieces. Also known as the Picasso of Pastries, Chef Omar owns Opera Café, a patisserie and catering service in Kuwait. Mr. Addihaoui has created absolutely mind-boggling structural cakes for Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi, and Cairo royalty as well as in other cities throughout the region. If eyes could actually “bug-out” and jaws drop to the floor like they do in cartoons, I would have the most absurd look on my face right now!

I’ve read pastry artists’ reviews and wonderment of his work – are the cakes real? Are they mainly Styrofoam covered in fondant since the weight of the fondant alone would make these cakes nearly impossible, structurally. After a bit more research, an article from Al Watan Daily surfaced, in which Chef Omar shares more insight on his works of art.

His cakes start at 600 Kuwaiti dinars (around $2000) to 3000 ($10,000) for the Versailles replica.

“Surprisingly, he added: “Cakes can be made in a single day. We are a big team, all of us participating at different levels, and many of our customers are surprised at the pace of our creations at Opera. We can finish a cake in one day. Its not about the size of the cake, it”s about how we are organized”

Asked how much time a customer needs to preـorder a cake, Addihaoui said: “Usually customers order them a month to fifteen days ahead, but sometimes they order them a week ahead or sometimes the same day.”

Some of Omar’s cakes server up to 1000 people! Could you imagine the left overs?

Kiss the girl . . . Under the sea! Can you imagine this pearl at your wedding? Amazing artistry.

Flower Power – What a stunning way to display your favorite flowers! Who needs a cake topper anyway?

Stunning roses!

I love the colors and the blown sugar globes in this next one. So vibrant.

My favorite!!! I just love the luxurious pillows for your Arabian themed wedding!

Amazing right!?!?

So if you’re hiring Omar to bake your masterpiece, too beautiful to eat, give me a call! I want to see these in person! Or maybe you can make me a miniature versions of his cakes, after all, everything in miniature form is soooo cute!