Do you dream of lavish wedding sofrehs, mandaps or centerpieces that will leave your friends and family talking about your wedding for years to come?

Is working 50+ hours a week make finding time to track down the perfect centerpieces nearly inconceivable?

Do you wish you could just pick the best of the best and skip over the search part?

Imagine your wedding masterfully crafted from your cultures, personal style, scribbled notes and “pins” into a jaw dropping stage for your ceremonies and celebrations!

The wedding you’ve been dreaming about all your life is absolutely within reach!

Your want traditional elements that tie your wedding to your ancestors and honor your parents but with modern vibrancy and American flair for that “OMG Moment” when you see your wedding for the first time. Jaw dropping wedding ceremony and reception design concepts, creative Americanized twists on traditional details and a fully integrative approach to all wedding decor ideas are blended with the perfect color palette that seamlessly flows through every tesserae of your wedding to create one amazing and unforgettable picturesque backdrop for your vows and celebration.

We will take you from simple ideas to “OMG! Moments”

10JunPatelKambhamCer0283I’m Lia Moore, Designer and Cultural Connoisseur  for the career focused coffee lover, wine enthusiast and fashionista, and I want you to have an absolutely enchanting, vibrant and culturally infused wedding that will make jaws drop, guests gasps and be the wedding everyone else wished they had.

Michigan Wedding Decor,  Wedding Designs, Wedding Ideas - Lia Moore As your wedding designer, I begin creating an overall concept for your event to ensure that every visual and aesthetic detail works cohesively the moment we meet and start discussing your wedding. I design what your event will look, feel, sound, taste and even smell like. As a busy professional, you have a lot to juggle and planning a wedding is another full time job.  You want your once in a lifetime wedding to be fun and not stressful. I have the solutions to eliminate stress and free up your time!

I understand your needs as a bride. I further understand your needs as a cultural bride. Whether you need help with engagement parties, mandap decorations, sofreh aghd design, or designing special elements for your wedding day, our wedding stylists have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction. Call our team at 248.971.0167 or  email us today to get started planning your dream wedding!